A Family Run + Time with Friends 


Good morning guys and happy Tuesday! I popping in today and sharing my weekend recap a little later than usual, thanks to some technical difficulties. Ah, technology, we have a love hate relationship ;).

Did this weekend go by way too quickly or is it just me? Our weekend went by in a flash thanks to having friends over two nights in a row, while also cramming in a date day, a run, and some power cleaning!

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?



Saturday morning, I woke up, had my devotions and drank a cup of coffee before Benaiah and Landon woke up. After savoring a few quiet moments, I scooped the then awake Benaiah out of his crib and poured Landon his morning cup of coffee before changing Niah’s diaper. I wanted to sneak out for a run and after checking the temperature, Landon and I decided to go running as a family! We bundled the little man up and headed out for an easy three mile run. It was so fun, since Landon and I haven’t had too many opportunities to run together since Benaiah was born. Before the munchkin came, Landon and I would run almost every Saturday together (when Landon wasn’t playing soccer, that is.)

Before we had breakfast, I made sure to take time for a deep stretch and also get in a few minutes of intense foam rolling. My legs thanked me for the great stretch. Happy legs = happy me.


Our run was a little windier than expected, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying a couple, cold protein smoothies once we got back.


I think Benaiah’s excited for the day he can eat smoothies.


After breakfast, Landon and I took a couple hours to power clean the house and get ready for our guests to come over! I took time to prepare dinner, while Niah napped and Landon worked.


Aren’t these tulips gorgeous? Landon bought them for my birthday last week and they bring a fresh spring feel with them!


After our cleaning was complete, Landon and I attempted date take two, since I fell asleep on our Friday night date night. #fail.  We spent a few hours in the afternoon playing a board game, enjoying these delicious treats (recipe coming TOMORROW!) and watching Dick Van Dyke before our guests came!

Saturday’s dinner consisted of roasted vegetables, crock pot chicken breast, and a side dish of quinoa topped with feta cheese. As good as the food tasted, the company was even better! I can’t believe either time we had friends over this weekend, I forgot to snag pictures, but I did. Maybe that’s  a good sign?


Either way we had a blast hanging out with our friends and their little guy over dinner and banana ice cream.


Sunday was busy and started off with a rush of to-doing (? Is that a word?) before heading off to church. Every other week, I help lead a girls Bible study after our church’s service and potluck and this Sunday was the Sunday we had group! While I helped lead group, Landon and benaiah left to go pick up some coffee (we RAN OUT! How?!?) and came back just in time to pick me up.


We rushed home and quickly semi-prepared an almost identical dinner to Saturdays dinner for our Sunday guests!

Again, I didn’t snap any photos of our time with our friends (I’ll work on that) but we again, had a fantastic time fellowshiping over dinner and my healthy peanut butter chocolate pie, while the kiddos entertained us and one another! (They have a little girl who is adorable!)


We ended the evening playing another game and with hot cups of coffee. Okay, Landon and I drank the coffee.

After our company left, Landon and I put Benaiah down to sleep while we watched an episode of Fixer Upper before crashing ourselves. Even though our weekend was jam packed, it was full of fun. No complaints here! 😉

Questions of the Day 

  1. Name three things that happened this weekend! 
  2. What is your favorite game to play with a group of people? 
  3. Do you run with anyone?