Running, Sunshine, and Ice Cream (Weekend Recap)


Hello and good morning from this little man to you. I hope you all had a great Saturday and Sunday and a wonderful Monday. This weekend was simply, perfect. After a busy week, a much needed, relaxing weekend was in order. Aside from being relaxing, it was also productive and absolutely gorgeous outside! Both Saturday and Sunday were in the sixties (hello, gorgeous!) which meant Landon, Niah, and I spent a lot of time outside.



As usual, Saturday morning began with a strong cup of coffee and morning devotions, before Landon left for a soccer meet. Usually, Landon’s soccer group doesn’t meet in February, but with temperatures as warm as they were this weekend, who could resist meeting? Since I woke up right as Landon was leaving, I decided to stay home with the little man instead of trying to rush us both out the door. It proved to be a good decision since I was able to have a slow morning at home.

After enjoying my coffee, I grabbed a rice cake and topped it with my favorite peanut butter. I don’t like to eat a lot before running, but since I was waiting to run until Landon came home from his game, I knew I needed a little something in my stomach.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate those painted nails. Thank you Nikki, for painting them. #sisterinlawsrock


After eating my rice cake and playing with Niah, I whipped up a hearty breakfast for Landon before he came home from soccer. Landon’s breakfast: homemade hash browns and eggs with melty cheese. YES.

Shortly after Landon came home, I threw on my running clothes and headed out for a three mile run. Saturday was my first outdoor run of the week and I was very happy to get some vitamin D and soak in the sunshine.


It was so warm outside, that I ran in a tank top and shorts – comfortably. Can you say YES PLEASE?  RUN SPLITS: Mile 1: 8:43 Mile 2: 8:46  Mile 3: 9:00

I’m still not back to my usual speed, but I’ll take three pain free, comfortable, gorgeous miles any day.


I came home to this adorableness and talked to Landon about my run while I foam rolled, stretched, and hydrated.


Finally, it was time to eat brunch and I made my smoothie while downing another cup of coffee.


Landon and I spent the rest of Saturday working on house projects (lots of laundry!), cleaning, running a few errands, organizing, and budget work, before going on a walk a family walk.


Unfortunately, Niah wasn’t super excited about the walk and we ended up cutting our walk a little short. Although we didn’t walk as long as we hoped, it ended up working out fine, because by the time we made it back home we were hungry.


Saturday night dinner was a random concoction comprised of various leftovers including: black beans, quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes and cauliflower.


We finished off our fun Saturday with a few shows on Netflix and I devoured this entire pint of Halo Top. Eating ice cream is one of my secret skills. 😉 This was my first time trying the sea salt caramel flavor and I was very pleased with the flavor! I think it ranks up there as one of my favorite flavors.


Sunday morning began bright and early, with an early morning wake up call from Niah at six am. Instead of going back to sleep, I decided to get a productive start to the day with coffee and devotions. Shortly after getting ready for church, I made myself a smoothie with my second cup of coffee.


Once we finished breakfast, we quickly left for church. Landon and I were blessed by a great sermon and enjoyed our time fellow shipping with friends. The rest of our Sunday activities centered around the beautiful sunshine and temperature with a trip to the park and a game of Frisbee.


We attempted to introduce Niah to the park, but he didn’t seem to interested. I guess we will have to wait a few months for him to be a little more mobile.




After our trip the park, we enjoyed an easy dinner of banana pancakes and finished the evening with a movie and popcorn.


I am so thankful for the beautiful weather and the precious time I had with my boys. I hope you guys had a great weekend and had a wonderful Monday! Catch you all tomorrow.

Questions of the Day 

  1. Name three things that happened to you this weekend?
  2. Did you guys enjoy nice weather this weekend?
  3. If you are a Halo Top fan, what is your favorite flavor? I need recommendations for my next pint!