18 Mile Runs + Louisiana Travels


Wow guys, I feel like it’s been forevvvvveerr since we last chatted. I had a few posts that I published (one went out a little too early, sorry if it felt like it ended abruptly. It felt like that because it did. I think I’ve decided scheduled posting is a blessing and a curse 😉 )

Anyways, although it is Wednesday (one of my favorite days!) it feels more like a Monday to me, since we had a long weekend of traveling and a mini-vacation to see my brother, sister-in-law and niece! Originally, we had planned to take our mini-vacation this weekend, but since my brother’s deployment date was moved up, we didn’t want to risk not seeing him before he leaves for a nine month oversea deployment.

We left Friday morning, which ended up being more like Friday afternoon, since Landon and I ran a long run of EIGHTEEN MILES


It’s been confirmed multiple times that I married the best guy ever, but when he eagerly agreed to run eighteen miles with me (since I had to skip my 18 mile group run) I couldn’t have been more excited. We finished with a time of around 2:45:00 (? I’ll have to look at my watch…) I went into this run with cautious confidence (my favorite way to approach a run/race) and was super thrilled with how great I felt. Not only did everything feel A-OKAY while running, recovery went super, super well.


Maybe it had something to do with sitting for approximately 8.56 hours afterwards.


Or it could have been the Chick Fil A grilled chicken sandwich, yes I bet that’s what is was.


We drove for around 7 hours, until we got literally attacked my about 274939 mosquitoes. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but they were eating us alive, in the car, and it was dark so we couldn’t spot our attackers. Those nasty things forced us to pull off early and get a hotel.

Saturday morning, we continued driving and made it to Louisiana around 5 pm. My brother, SIL and ADORABLE NIECE greeted us with hugs, cups of hot coffee and pizza. Pretty much the perfect greeting ever. We spent the rest of the night playing cards, catching up, before heading to a hotel for the night.



I don’t know how I am old enough to be a wife, mother, and aunt? When did I get so old? Sunday morning, we headed to my brother and SIL’s church, went out to eat at a fantastic barbecue place, had a tour around Nathaniel’s military base, relaxed at their house and had sandwiches for dinner.


I should have taken more pictures, but more than that, I wanted to focus on being together and living in the moment. Nathaniel and I took a long walk around their property and it reminded of days spent growing up together. Of course, I cried and we had a good time reminiscing about the past and looking on toward the future. Nathaniel, we are so proud of you and are praying that God will guide, protect and strengthen you as you enter this next chapter of your life.


I have decided that Nora and I are going to be best buddies. <3


We left Monday morning and plowed through an entire 17 hours of travel time, needless to say, nothing felt better than crashing into bed once we made it home!

I’ll catch you guys later, hope you have an awesome Wednesday!

Questions of the Day 

  1. Are you a fan on long road trips? How do you entertain yourself? (I read an entire book this trip!) 
  2. What is your favorite thing off the Chick Fil A menu?
  3. Is anyone running today? (I just finished a 9 miler this morning!)