You Win Some, You Lose a Some (WIAW 6/21) 

Hello there and happy Wednesday to you all! Can you believe we are more half way through June and half way through the week? Where does the time go? 

My time may or may not be going to experimenting in the kitchen. Which is what I have been doing latley.. 

Experimenting is fun because you never know what you are going to get. You win some, you lose some. And that’s exactly what happened yesterday. (Have no idea what WIAW is? Check out the details here.) 

Morning win? A three mile, pain free (my hips were bothering me last week…) run! Oh, Bethany and baby T love some endorphins. 

After my run, I hit up the grocery store, returned an audio at our library, and upon returning home, I made this smoothie. 

It was mostly a win, but it wasn’t as thick as I like it to be. I think I went a little heavy on the almond milk. 😉 

Win? I actually forced myself to take a 20 minute nap and it did wonders for my body. I had a pretty long weekend and a really early morning yesterday. Combine those things together and it made for one tired mama today. Thankfully, after my devotions, I was able to curl up in the couch and sleep for a little bit. 

Another win? This huge salad for lunch! Hello delicious.

I spent my aftenoon cleaning the house, preparing dinner, blogging, and experimenting with these bad boys.

It was mostly a winning recipe, but I think I may have burned the fudge mixture a little bit….they still tasted good, but had a hint of a burnt flavor to them. 

The burnt flavor didn’t stop me from enjoying one for a snack. It was enjoyed with a glass of almond milk. 

After getting dinner at a spot where I could leave the house, I went to our other library, dropped off some more audios, blogged, and shipped out some coffee to one of our customers.

Win? Collard greens that tasted like my father in laws’.  Loss? I burned the rice. Landon was so gracious and said it gave the meal a good flavor. 

Win? Homemade green iced, lime tea- perfectly refreshing for a warm day! 

After filling my glass with tea, Landon and I headed out to our second to last (so sad!) Bradley class. I have really enjoyed our class and feel like I have leaned so much. 

Once we got home, I cleaned the kitchen before bed (anyone else love a clean kitchen?!) and ate a piece of my favorite healthy pie. 

It was a great day minus a few losses (i.e. burnt rice and burnt granola bars…) 

That’s all for now friends, come back later today and we will be talking about RUNNING (how to run faster and longer!)

Questions of the Day: 

  1. Name three things you ate yesterday!
  2. Do you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen? 
  3. What was your latest kitchen success and flop?