Woes of a Pregnant Woman, Current Addictions, and Songs I Play on Repeat (TOL #36)

Good morning and happy Thursday!! I hope your week has been great so far and that your Thursday is off to a fantastic start. This week has flown by, but I’m okay with the fact that we are getting close to the weekend! If you are confused at what happens every single Thursday around here, check out the details here. Before I dive into all my random thoughts, a big thank you to Amanda for hosting this and every Thursday!

(Also, if you haven’t checked out her blog and her drool worthy recipes, please do yourself a favor and make every single one of her recipes.)

  1. Snapchat is so addicting. But let’s be honest, most social media can be/ is addicting. If you want to continue to feed your addiction, follow me on snapchat for updates on my daily adventures! Snapchat >>> luluruns315

2. Another current addiction? This smoothie. I think I could drink this a couple times a day and be totally happy about everything in life.


3. Speaking of happy, this song is my jam. I think I’ve listened to it on repeat too many times to count.

4. Another repeat-worthy song? This one.

5. Another happy moment? Becoming a FitFluential Ambassador. FitFluential is an awesome website that is dedicated to health and fitness! They combine brand partners and healthy living bloggers (like me!) to each other. It is a match made in heaven where you are not without any connections, support, or tips to living a healthy lifesfyle! I’m super excited to be working with them and look forward to what’s in store. 

6. Something that does not make me happy? Folding fitted sheets. (I do not blame my mother, she tried to teach me…)

7. Hallelujah, after a couple attempts, I got it *mostly* folded. Also, please notice my ankles…at this point of the day, they actually look like ankles. (Swollen feet during pregnancy is a real thing people.)

8. Speaking of pregnancy: my current situation…

9. I may be wearing a few select shirts these days, but coffee is helping me cope. I believe there is not much in life a good cup of coffee cannot fix.

10. Except maybe my lack of chalkboard skills. Plan: Write one of my favorite verse on said chalkboard. Result: Chalkboard 1 – Bethany 0. If someone with epic chalkboard skills could come over and write this verse on my board, that’d be great. (Ahem, Sydney…)

11. Because it was lunch time,   to console myself, I ate Mexican for lunch. I don’t think it is possible to be unhappy and eat Mexican food. But that’s just me.


12. Time for me to run. Main mission: Avoid the heat.

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