WIAW- Veggie Loving

Welcome back to the WIAW party! For more details on what WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) is all about, see Jen here.

Let’s get this party started, shall we?

There is no secret in this family that I love my vegetables. I’ve actually been told on more than one occasion to slow down in the veggie department because we need to save them for other meals.  What can I say? I like my greens.

Let’s take a peek at my day and meals from yesterday.

I woke up at the bright hour of seven-thirty. (I slept through all four of my alarms.) I was disappointed, but thankful that I didn’t have as much going on as I usually do.

Once I awoke, I snacked on some zuchinni (veggie!) bread and watermelon and headed out to the gym.

I was on the elliptical for six miles and killed my arms and legs on the machines. #goodtimes

untitled (11)

Once home I refueled with my favorite smoothie and some cheerios. As I slurped down my drink, I savored the Word of God as well.

untitled (2)

After breakfast and showering, I taught school, caught up on some blog work, prepped dinner.  You know, all that fun stuff…oh and I iced my leg.


I have learned a through this experience of having shin splints. The Lord has been gently revealing the idols that I have set up in my life and breaking me of them. He also has shown me how much I rely on my strength instead of His.  He is so faithful. I am learning that this injury has been  a blessing and not a burden.

untitled (9)

Lunch quickly came together in the form of a salad beast. Definitely no veggie lacking there.

untitled (5)

I also snacked on some watermelon…but it wasn’t photogenic.

After lunch, school, and room cleaning Abby and I walked to grandma’s for Spanish class. She always feeds us well. Today is was in the form of grapes and iced coffee. She rocks.

For dinner, we cooked up a chicken that my bother butchered (!), lots of green beans and roasted sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes is one of my favorites foods in the entire world. If you buy me anything sweet potato related, chances are I will love you for life.

untitled (10)

After dinner, I snacked on some frozen banana slices before calling it a night. Now all I want is my bed.

All in all, it was a good day. Lots of veggies make this girl happy. Hope your Wednesday is great.

Catch you all later!