WIAW: The Pregnancy Cravings Make an Appearance 


Welcome to WIAW! These posts are so fun to share. During WIAW posts, I share all my meals with you guys. WIAW is about celebrating what we all have in common: we all eat. 

WIAW is also about sharing inspiration each other. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a recipe idea or a meal from another blogger and implented it into my weekly routine. 

Anyways, without further ado, let’s dive into this WIAW! 

Yesterday morning, I woke up just before seven am. (Side tangent: I used to wake up at five every morning before getting married, now seven is a struggle. I blame it on baby T. I don’t even know myself anymore ;). Okay, enough tangent.) 

After packing a lunch for Landon and sending him off to work, I whipped up a batch of my weirdest pregnancy craving thus far.   

Enter: a big bowl of oatmeal (made with milk; I’ve never made it with milk before I got pegnant. The  weirdest part about this oatmeal is instead of topping it with honey, brown sugar or maple syrup, I’ve been adding a dash of salt. And nothing else. Weird. (At least for me.) 

After breakfast, devotions, blogging, and house cleaning, I headed out for a five mile run.  

The weather was so perfect. Baby T and I love to get in our exercise. And we nailed our goal pace time.  Hello, lovely endorphins! 

I got home around noon, hungry and ready to eat. I knew that my sweet potatoes would take a while to cook so I snacked on some carrots.   

After getting cleaned up, my sweet potatoes were done (praise!) 

Does anybody else love sweet potato fries (homemade of course)?  They are my favorite! Also, notice- all pregnancy cravings represented: salad, cheese, sweet potatoes. Hello yum. 

After a couple hours of cleaning and working on business, I grabbed a snack to hold me over until dinner.   

Enter: healthy 3 ingredient brownie bites (!) and a tube of Chobani yogurt. I feel like such a kid eating these yogurt tubes…no shame. 

A little later, Landon and I had a business meeting. Before we had leave, I whipped up a quick batch of chicken fried rice. 


It was a little untraditional because I didn’t have a lot of veggies on hand, but I thought (and Landon did too, wife win!) it turned pretty good. 

Chocolate seemed to be okay yesterday, (it’s been a hit or miss around here), so I ended the evening with a mug of hot cocoa- hello delicious. 

All in all, it was a pretty delicious day! 

And that’s it for today friends. Catch you all tomorrow with a “Thinking out Loud.” Make it a great day!