WIAW- Sporadic



So, I was a bad blogger and didn’t take many pictures yesterday. I promise it was a good reason though, I had a lot of coffee-business- work to be done!

Instead of What I Ate (Yesterday), I’m sharing some highlights from the week.

First, let’s start with breakfast. Mom brought home these whole grain sprouted bagels. Yes, pretty much a little piece of heaven topped with almond butter. I’ve lived off these for breakfast the past week.


Another favorite? This lunch.

I probably eat this kind of lunch at least twice a week (that is, if everything is on hand). All this plate consists of is a pile of sweet potato fries, veggies and hummus, and turkey meat.


Another favorite from this past week, these babies. I polished off the last of them this week. So good. I love how they are just sweet enough, but not heavy at all. I assure you, more will be made soon.


And that is a wrap! Sorry for the lame post friends, I promise Thursday Thoughts will be a little more exciting!