WIAW: Some New Favorites 

It’s time for another round of WIAW. As usual, thank you Jen for hosting! 

Let’s get this party going:

Wednesday morning after sending Landon off to work, I had my devotions, blogged, and made myself breakfast. 

Breakfast included oatmeal topped  with a new favorite peanut butter, grapes, and a glass of almond milk. 

Landon picked up a coconut peanut butter, and guys, it is so good! It’s such a great blend of mildly sweet coconut flavor and crunchy, slightly salty peanut flavor! I’ll share the brand with you tomorrow. 

After cleaning the kitchen, bedroom, and living room, I got ready to go run. 

Yesterday’s weather was perfect and although my legs were a little sore (thanks to a leg day on Monday) it still felt fabulous. 

After running, I finished up some errands around town, picked up my mail, and started to make lunch. 

I decided on making some sautéed kale (with dinner leftovers added into it) and two eggs. I also had an apple and some cheese (because, cheese.)  😉 

After lunch, I worked on the blog, worked on some business, made some phone calls, talked to a friend, and snacked on my newest favorite snack. (Banana ice cream!)  

Once Landon got home, we had a quick dinner (salads and whole wheat bread) and left for a business meeting. 

The business meeting went well, but I can definitely tell that late nights are not easy for me anymore. I ended the night exhausted and with a warm mug of hot cocoa. 

That’s all for now friends! Let’s hangout soon. 

Your Turn to Share

1. What’s your favoite kind of peanut butter? Do you like it salty, sweet, crunchy, smooth, etc? 

2. Are you a night owl or an early bird? 

3. What’s your favorite weather to run in? I love the 50-70s.