WIAW: New Favorite Foods

Today’s Wednesday and that means a WIAW party! Confused at what’s going on? Check out Jen’s awesome blog for the details. 

Tuesday, my friends, was a good day! There were many reasons why it was a good day, but I’m thinking it didn’t hurt to start it off with my newest breakfast obsession. 

Peanut butter toast with a banana on the side. I don’t really know when this obsession started, but I don’t think it is going anywhere anytime soon. And I’m ok with that. 

After having breakfast, I spent time with Jesus, cleaned the house, blogged, and ran 3 miles. 

A run in the sunshine felt so good. Since I was sick last week, I avoided the cold air (no pneumonia please!) I finally felt good enough to run and man, it felt magical. 

Speaking of magical, after running I went to my local running store, (!) and got myself some new running shoes.  

Hello gorgeous. These are my same brand that my old ones are, but the newest model of my beloved Wave Riders. Can’t  wait to take them out. 

Once I got home, I ate some carrots while preparing lunch.  

Lunch turned out to be a salad topped with my homemade veggie burger and a sweet potato on the side. (New favorite addition: veggie burger (!)) 

During the afternoon, I cleaned the rest of the house, sorted laundry, payed some bills, blogged, and prepared dinner.  

Oh and I also had some banana ice cream.

A little while later, Landon came home (yeah!!), and I finished cooking dinner.   

Snapping friends while cooking dinner is completely normal, right? 
For dinner, I made some tilapia, brown rice, and sautéed kale with carrots. Fish isn’t necessarily a new favorite, but I’ve been making it recently and I’m really enjoying having in back in my routine. 

After dinner, Landon and I finished up some errands and finished our taxes. (Taxes are not a new favorite, let’s be clear on that.) 😉 

Your turn to share, comment below! 

1. What’s a new favorite food of yours? 

2. Do you like fish? 

3. Any new clothing item your recently purchased? 

Catch you all later, happy Wednesday!