WIAW- Favorites

Welcome back to one of my favorite parties! The What I Ate Wednesday Part.  Thanks for hosting, Jenn! Remember What I Ate Wednesday is not about judgement or guilt, but celebrating what we all have in common.  We all eat. While we all celebrate, we will be able to take a peek into the lives or others and find good ideas or tips.

Yesterday was a good day of eats.  They were kind of sporadic and at different times than I usually eat, but just as good.  Here are some of my favorites.

Without further ado…



To kick off my morning, I snacked on some raisins and coffee and headed to my gym. I went four and a half miles on the elliptical, 1 mile treadmill, and weights. After I got back home, I whipped up my favorite smoothie (with added spinach.) On the side, I snacked on some corn flakes and flax.

After a busy morning of teaching and Spanish homework, my stomach started grumbling.  I quickly responding to my hunger pains and made another favorite roasted sweet potatoes. And yes, it was a massive sweet potato.  I paired my sweet potato with veggies, all natural sliced ham, and fresh corn.


Right after lunch, my sister and I walked about a mile to Spanish class..a couple hours later and in the car, I found myself snacking on a banana and pretzels (another favorite combo.)


There is something about the salty-sweet combo of bananas and pretzels that makes me ridiculously.  Can anyone else vouch for me?

After I downed my banana, I volunteered at my chiropractor’s office to help at their running clinic. We analyzed runner’s strides, video taped them, and gave them free consultations so their runs improve, strengthen, and increase their pace. I love talking about running and helping other runners, it is such a rewarding experience.


Runner number one. We had them run a distance and then we recorded.  It is really awesome to watch yourself run in slow motion. I felt like a movie star.


While waiting for clients, I also became bored.  I naturally took pictures.


My legs were cold. Are you not jealous of my awesome compression socks? Pink? Yes please!

A couple of hours later, my mom and I ran to the store and got back home late. I was hungry, so I whipped up a big bowl of Greek yogurt, more banana, and cereal.


(The stuff that looks like sprinkles is bee pollen!)

Although this was tasty, I was still hungry so I dug into my mom’s homemade zucchini brownies.


And now I am ready to call in a night.

All in all it was a good days of eats filled with a lot of my favorite foods.

What are some of your favorite foods?