WIAW- Colorful Eats



I think I may have eaten almost all the colors of the rainbow yesterday. Thinking of that makes me feel very accomplished. This is not everything I ate yesterday, but a snapshot into what I was able to take pictures of! Thanks Jen, for hosting WIAW!

Yesterday morning, I woke up a little later than normal..I had a bowl of cheerios to fuel my run. I fueled, but the run never happened yesterday. Bummer!

One thing that did happen yesterday: Coffee. For those who have read this blog for a while now (thank you!), that shouldn’t be a surprise.


After downing a couple of cups of coffee, devotions, teaching school, and managing my business, I fixed a quick-lunch of my favorites. Veggies galore, homemade hummus, and roasted sweet potatoes.

I may or may not have had a couple Hershey kisses that we staring me in the face…but that wasn’t photographed, so you will never know. 😉


get-attachment (1)


Later, around 4, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to have dinner.  I had a business meeting I had to leave for at 5:00 and I knew I wouldn’t get back until late. Smoothie for the win!

I whipped up a quick green smoothie that had bananas, spinach, mixed frozen fruit, and whey protein. It kept me full for hours! IMG_1405

The business meeting went really well too. I learned a lot and was able to go up to the front for recognition! What an honor.

You wouldn’t believe me though, even with a picture. I was in the back and with my 4′ 11″ frame, you couldn’t see me at all. Not one shred of evidence.

I’ll share the picture for good measure though.


I’m in the back…behind my friend Landon.

After I made it home, (around 12:30!), I snacked on a pear and turkey meat and fell asleep!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday! Make it a good one. Seek Christ. Run. Drink coffee.