WIAW- Celebrating Fall

Welcome back to the WIAW party! Let’s take a look at what I have been doing on lately. By the way, how is it October 1 already?

The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous. The cooler weather makes me crave warm soups, candles, sweaters, football, coffee, and cozy movie nights. Yesterday’s eats also reflected my love for all things fall.

Tuesday started off early with a trip to the gym and a piece of ugly zucchini bread (hence no picture). Leaves are changing, can you tell?


Look at the color! At the gym, I conquered weights and 4.5 miles on the elliptical and then headed back home to make my favorite.



Typical. Fall means that I still drink my green smoothies. It is too good to stop making because the temperatures have dropped. Even if that means I curl up into a blanket to enjoy it, it will still be made.


Fall also means squash.  Along with my love for smoothies, I am crazy about squash all varieties. We get squash from local farmers too, which makes it taste even better.  So for lunch I ate 1/4 of a squash with veggies and hummus and cottage cheese.

After lunch I also snacked on grapes at my grandma’s house. Grandma knows me well.


Fall requires celebration in the form of roasted sweet potatoes! I love baked sweet potatoes, but roasting them makes them taste 100x better. My mom grilled out and we all ate dinner together.  Grandma also supplied a jello dessert that went un-photographed. Nevertheless, it was delicious.

How is everyone else enjoying the new season?

What are some of your favorite fall foods?