WIAW: Carb Loving


Once upon a time there was a girl who had a misconception of carbs. She believed the lie that ‘carbs were bad,’ and ‘carbs will make you gain a zillion pounds.’  And even though she knew the difference between good carbs and empty carbs, she still avoided most carbs like the plague.

Thankfully, those ‘once upon a time,’ days are behind me and I now see the huge benefits to eating the right carbs. Not only are carbs delicious, but they are the power behind a really fantastic run or workout.

I know there were a lot of delicious carbs consumed yesterday too, let’s see take a look…

I woke up at five yesterday morning wide awake and ready to start the day. Ok, maybe not completely wide awake, that happened after two cups of coffee…


Two cups of coffee were consumed before six am; and after that, I toasted a half of a cinnamon raisin bagel, slathered on some almond butter, and had a banana on the side. Doesn’t it sound like I am getting ready for a race?

(I know, the bagel pic is a repeat picture, but trust me, this picture looked so much better than the one I took for today’s post.)


After letting my breakfast settle, I did a some speed training (2.25 miles) and finished off with lifting, abs, and stretching.

Because of the icy conditions outside, I stuck to the treadmill. Side note:  Anybody have suggestions for speed training on the treadmill?

Anyways, after that I got some work done and fixed lunch a couple of hours later.


It’s finally back! My favorite lunch. Sweet potato fries, vegetables, and a large amount of hummus. I found a new hummus that is spinach-artichoke! So.good.

I’m pretty sure some of this happened again too (see below picture…)

Every.single.time. we run out of this addicting toffee, someone decides to make another batch. I think it is a conspiracy. Better yet, it is stored in our crisper, where we keep our vegetables.

Every time I decide I want to snack on carrots and hummus, toffee stares me in the face. It usually wins.


After my speed training from earlier that morning, my stomach was growling. I whipped up about 2/3 c. greek yogurt, stevia, cinnamon, vanilla extract and blueberries. Easy and satisfying.


After working through the afternoon, I got a nice surprise! Know what is better than delicious soup? Delicious soup that you didn’t have to make. My grandma is seriously amazing. She came over my house last night with a huge crock pot of homemade chicken soup. I whipped up some whole wheat biscuits and enjoyed it immensely.

And of course, Grandma and I had to have some toffee afterwards, because I found myself in the crisper drawer again…


Well, I’m off to have my devotions and run before I get to work! Have a great Wednesday folks!