WIAW (Breakfast) and a Couple Other Things…

Excuse the awkward title. I couldn’t think of anything cute or catchy…


Anyways, it is time for WIAW! Thank you Jenn for hosting!  If you don’t know what that means, check out this link here.

I believe that good days start with long devotions, a solid run, and a good cup of coffee. Please note the foam. That is extremely important.


 And good mornings usually end with my favorite bread (Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel Bread) topped with coconut oil.




Now it is time for confessions the rest of the day, I didn’t take any pictures of food. Bad blogger award goes to me! So instead of ending the party early, I thought I would share a couple of fun pictures I found.

First, look at what I discovered on YouTube. A whole collection of Disney songs played on the piano. It is magical. Dreams do come true.

A couple of other fun things…


My cat and I have loved the sunshine this week. Please disregard the feet, as I’ve shared before, I will never be a foot model. (Thanks running!)


 After the cat modeled, my dog Baldwin, wanted in on the photo shoot…

Another fun fact!? I updated my blog! Check out my new tabMy Faith.” Comment below and share your thoughts!

Another update… my race page! I thought I would make a page where I could collect race pictures. Check it out underneath, “Lulu Races”


 Well, I’m off for a couple dates.

1.  A date with my Garmin and my Mizunos. (i.e. a run)

2. A ‘real’ date with my man.

Talk with you all soon. Let me know what you think of the new pages or anything else you want to share!