What Motivates You to Keep Going?

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“What motivates you to push through when it is hard?” I got asked this question at church, yesterday, while a friend and I were talking about running.

Ever since, I’ve been thinking about this question. What does drive me to finish when I seriously would LOVE to quit and lay on the grass? What does pull me out of bed, when I would rather snuggle up under the covers? What motivates me to throw on my running shoes and start my Garmin, when I would rather be sipping on a steamy cup of coffee?

The more I thought about this, the more I realized, I run because I want to be the best version of myself. I run and push through those hard barriers, because I want to know what I can do through the strength that God gives me (and each one of us). I run because someday, I may not be able to.
Challenges will come in our running, that is guaranteed. We will have injuries. There will be days we don’t want to run. Races will not go as planned. PRs won’t be met.
BUT, there will be days where everything falls into place. There will be runs that we forget we are running. There are days that we will, run for the sheer joy of running.
And that motivates me to keep running, to push through, to challenge myself and to get out of bed and go. Those moments in running when we realize how beautiful life is and what a gift running truly is, is exactly what keeps me pushing through my comfort zones. Because it is outside of comfort zones, that we find beauty in the pain and joy in the process.