We’ve Got a Champion and Six Mile Runs (Weekend Recap)

Is it just me or is the entire US having internet issues? The past two days, we’ve had zero wifi here, the libraries internet was beyond slow and spotty and my WordPress site was having major issues. Talk about annoying. It is so hard to try to sit down and crank out some work, when the internet keeps going in and out. And as annoying as this is, I have to keep reminding myself that if this is the worst thing I have to deal with, I am doing okay. There are a lot other worse things I could be dealing with than spotty internet. Also FYI- I am using some recycled pictures today, because my WordPress site is still having issues with uploading the photos or maybe it is just my internet? Either way, you will have to simply,  bare with me! Sorry!

I was bummed I haven’t been able to get a post up to you guys since Monday, which means today’s will be a nice, long recap of this past weekend (better late than never right?) and a few other highlights from the past couple days.


So, last Saturday, Landon had a soccer tournament! It was freezing cold and dreary out, but that didn’t stop him from bringing home the winning title. I was bummed I missed most of the game (thanks to the unruly weather) but I was so proud of my hard working, soccer playing, husband! Yay for first place!


While Landon played soccer, Benaiah and I did our normal morning routine (breakfast, devotions, story time, audio drama, kitchen clean up) Afterwards, I worked out quickly, showered and my MIL and SIL (mother in law and sister in laws) picked me up to go to the game and then over to their place for dinner.


We celebrated my sister in law, Kayli’s birthday, with collard greens (my favorite) over sticky Jasmin rice and a side of fruit. I’ve decided that I should just pay my father in law to have a weekly delivery of these. SO GOOD. We capped off our evening playing card games and laughing about various random topics. Family time = good times.

On our way home, late Saturday night, Landon and I stopped for a McDonalds ice cream cone, because we are a adults, it sounded good, and BALANCE. Winning.


Sunday morning, Landon and I woke up craving a hot breakfast, so we both got to work, made scrambled eggs and reheated bacon and sat down to a warm breakfast with a sleepy Benaiah. While we ate, we chatted about our plans for the day and got ready for church.


We spent the rest of our morning and early afternoon at church, sharing life with friends over lunch and enjoying conversation. Benaiah fell asleep on the way home from church and once I felt the warm-ish air on my face, I knew I wanted to get out there and run. I decided to go an easy six miles and really enjoyed some downtime to myself. There is something about those quiet, peaceful miles that really revive my soul and refreshes me in a way not many other activities can or do. After I got back, I quickly got cleaned up, stretched out, and hung out with the boys.


Honestly, I can’t really remember what we did the rest of our Sunday evening, but I am pretty sure it resembled something like random leftovers for dinner, play time with Niah, popcorn for a snack, and a movie before bed.

Oh, I also totally fan-girled over Shalane Flannagan WINNING the NYC marathon, this past Sunday. Watching her cross the finish line and soaking in her raw emotions left me with chills and tears in my own eyes. Call me crazy, but watching such raw talent and determination bring such victory always brings on the emotions for me (especially when we are talking about running!)


I hope you all have a great Thursday and enjoy a peace filled, fun day! Thanks for stopping by the blog, today.

Questions of the Day 

  1. If you can remember (haha) what was the best part of your weekend?
  2. Did anyone else watch or catch highlights of the NYC marathon?
  3. What is your ideal number of miles to run?