Weekend Things

Weekends. Oh how I love thee. I enjoy the opportunity to re-charge, rest, and refuel for the upcoming week.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love Mondays, I embrace the fresh start, the new week, but when Friday comes I am more than ready for a chance to catch my breath.

This weekend was just what I needed.


On Friday night, I had a exciting evening of babysitting. After getting a manicure from my little five year old friend, my sister and I made (successfully) popcorn on the stove and watched The Parent Trap. I love that movie.


I got home late. And slept in late Saturday morning. Glorious.


After I spent my morning with the Lord, I ran 2.5 miles with little pain, came home and refueled with my favorite smoothie. I know, typical.


After gulping it down, my sisters and I headed to the gym to finish out my miles on the elliptical. With my injury this month, I have been loving the elliptical. It really has seemed to help.
After 1.5 hours, 6.5 miles, and weights, we drove home and had lunch.



After lunch, we had friends over, homemade pizza, Spanish class and (my favorite) Bible study with great friends.

Another late night, but it was well worth it.

Sunday morning dawned and Church began. Sunday mornings with my church family and being under the teaching of the word is always the highlight of my week. I am so blessed by my Pastor and encouraged by his zeal for the Word. (You can check out his blog and books at www.abrickinthevalley.com


After church, we came home, at pancakes, cleaned the house, and lounged around.

I was engrossed into football when my mom suggested going to the baseball diamond and playing a game. It was a great game time (I don’t think we can qualify it as a game) and we had perfect weather for it.


I definitely ran around in my compression socks.


Isn’t she cute?


We take baseball very seriously in the Houston household.


We also made my dad pitch, my brother wasn’t there and none of the ladies wanted to do it.



This little girls throws well. She throws hard. She also sometimes gets confused that there is a difference between baseball and dodge ball. I got nailed. Although she did nail me with the ball, I cannot imagine my life without that smile and her laughter. I am so blessed to call her my sister.



I tried very hard to make my hair look acceptable.



Sunday night ended with the beauty of God’s handiwork painted across the sky.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. I am so thankful to have a few days to rest before I kick off the upcoming week.

How’s was your guys’ weekend? Anything exciting?