Weekend Snapshots (5/23) 

Happy Monday friends, I hope your weekend was refreshing and full of fun times with those you love. 

Today’s already started off in a great way, I spent time with Jesus, drank a smoothie, ran three warm (dare I say, hot?) miles, picked up some groceries, cleaned the house, and working on my blog. But, since this is a weekend recap post, I suppose I should stop talking about today and get to the main portion of today’s post.

Rewind to Friday-for dinner, I made my mom’s homemade Mac and cheese. (This recipe is coming to you tomorrow!) After dinner, Landon and I played a card game and watched the a movie. Because I’m such a party animal, I fell asleep half way through. Poor, Landon. 

Saturday included a work day for Landon and I. I worked on cleaning, organizing, and experimenting with some baking.

The rest of Saturday evening was spent eating a late dinner and going to be way too late. 

Sunday, Landon and I went to church, went out witnessesing with friends, and walked along the river front. 

Isn’t that a beautiful setting? I didn’t know we had a trail like this so close to us. I love finding new areas like this to explore.

We celebrated the end of the evening with ice cream and the second part of the “Ten Commandments.” Not a bad way to end a Sunday evening, if you ask me.  

That’s it for today, it was a pretty low-key weekend, even on top of a full Saturday. Yet, I’m so thankful for these moments, moments spent with each other, friends, and loved ones. These kinds of simple moments make for the best memories. 

Questions of the Day: 

  1. What did your weekend look like? 
  2. How do you like to spend a work-at- home-day? 
  3. Do you like hiking/walking?