Weekend Recap: Free Donuts, a Wedding, and a Relaxing Sunday 


Hey friends! How is it already Monday? This weekend flew by, it was busy, but full of fun.

 I am big planner, but not all weekends go according to plan. Even though this weekend was busy and I didn’t fit everything in that I wanted too- it was a blast! 

We (my sisters and I) kicked off the weekend festivities early on Friday by going to a local bakery. They serve free donuts on Friday- how fun is that? 

Also, the size of their cinnamon rolls are the size of a salad plate and about four inches tall. 

 We also met up our gorgeous friends. 

Later that day, I hung out at my parents’ home. Mom and I even snuck in a cross training workout together! I love being able to workout with my mom. She’s such a great workout partner. 

Friday evening was pretty low key, Landon and I spent time together and I ate a large bowl of fruit to end the night. (The cravings are real!) 

On Saturday morning, I shopped for a wedding gift (gotta love last minute shopping), had a quick lunch with Landon, and headed out for our friends wedding! 

Before we left our house, I texted my mom and sister asking fashion advice. I never rely on my own fashion sense 😉 

Please ignore the clothes in the background. We cleaned the house on Sunday. 

The wedding was beautiful, as was the bride. I love going to weddings and Landon is the best date.  

They also served the most delicious cupcakes (and this is coming from someone who doesn’t care for cupcakes!) 

Landon and I got home late and I was more than ready for bed.

Sunday morning, I made my favorite banana pancakes before heading to church.

After church, Landon and I came home and spent the afternoon cooking, cleaning, watching a movie, and laughing together.


Chick pea brownies were made and enjoyed. (Let’s take a moment and  appreciate those dark chocolate chunks.)

And just like that, the weekend came to a close.

I’ve learned over the years, that moments like laughing your head off with your spouse, like relaxing with your sisters, celebrating at a wedding, and more are the moments that impact our lives and shape who we are. 

I’ve learned that even if all the laundry isn’t folded or my run was not finished, it’s these moments that matter.

I’m learning to cherish each moment and day that the Lord gives us, for they are priceless. 
Catch you all tomorrow for a 19 week bump date!