Vacation 2017 Highlights


We are back from vacation and and as much as I want to go back and enjoy last week all over again, it feels good to get back into the groove of ‘normalcy.’ I can tell my body is craving extra veggies, more rest, and lots of water after getting out of my daily routines. Although I clocked all my runs and ate relatively nutritiously throughout the week, we obviously enjoyed vacation with ice cream and pizza, balanced by runs and workouts and proteins shakes.

Having a little time away from everything: social media, my normal schedule, and even my normal foods, makes me appreciate everything a little more when I come back to it. Now, with an extra sense of purpose and that -oh so needed – refreshed feeling, I am ready to tackle this week with productivity, solid runs and workouts and spot on nutrition!

This past week was one of those much needed, soul refreshing weeks. The kind that leaves you grateful for each little moment that melted into memories, with so much fun it is hard to know where to begin. Instead of giving you guys a play by play, day by day, recap of our vacation week, I thought I would share the highlights – in hopefully chronological order 😉


This was just a glimpse into the beautiful lake house we were able to stay at for a few days. It was so nice to have a little more space and soak in the amazing views. I think I could get used to living on the water 😉


Landon, Benaiah and I were able to run together at a local forest preserve that had equally amazing views. On Tuesday, we ran an easy four mile run together and Wednesday ran 8 miles of trails. It was amazing and so much fun to run so much together! Also, props to my amazing husband for pushing the stroller all 8 miles.


On Tuesday (last week) we went to the grocery store and picked p all the necessary items for a delicious dinner of hamburgers, fruit salad, roasted veggies, and potato salad. Landon and Benaiah mastered the grill, while I prepped the other dishes. It was amazing. I can’t believe I didn’t snap a photo, but we also made homemade ice cream on Tuesday evening and enjoyed a couple big scoops of homemade vanilla ice cream after Benaiah went to bed.


My favorite beach date <3 Although the beach was tiny, it was nice to get some sun and hang around the water for a while.


Vitamin D and I are besties.


Benaiah enjoyed all the extra time with Landon and it was so precious to see them playing around together.


These views. I fell in love with this scenery.  Yes please. Thursday night, Landon and I sat on the porch, playing Dutch Blitz and drinking in the view. If we could go back and repeat that, that would be amazing.


We found out on vacation that Benaiah likes Rice Krispies, or should I say, “Crisp Rice.” 😉




Coffee with a view <3




After we left the lake house, we headed up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for a quick overnight trip (on our way to our camp sight). On Friday, we stopped at a local children’s museum (more like a discovery center) on our way to Green Lake, Wisconsin. Benaiah loved all the attractions at the discovery center. It was so cute to watch his curious mind discover all sorts of new things. This stage, seriously, has to be one of my favorites.



We got to our camp sight on Friday night. We were not only camping as a family, but as a church family which made the camping experience so much fun! We hung out with our church Friday night and enjoyed some more burgers, corn on the cob, and coleslaw before heading to bed. Benaiah did ‘eh’ the first night camping, which made it extra hard to get up and run on Saturday morning.


Thankfully, I was able to fit in all 12 miles I needed before 9 am, and came back to this silly boy.


Benaiah hung out quite a bit with one of his favorite persons, Steve. They are best buddies.


After I got cleaned up and ate breakfast on Saturday, a group of us from the church went on a charter boat ride and got a up close and personal tour of the lake. I can’t remember the last time I was on a boat, but I did immediately remember why I love boating. So much fun.



Twinning <3


On our last day, Sunday, we rocked overalls, had an outdoor church service and spent the last few hours walking around the camp sight together as a family.

Although vacation ended all too soon, I (we) were so thankful for our time away to relax and focus on each other and Benaiah together. Thanks for understanding my absence from the blog the past week! I can’t wait to catch up with you guys the rest of the week.

Have a great Tuesday, friends!

Questions of the Day 

  1. Are you a camping lover? Yay or nay?
  2. What is your dream vacation?
  3. What is one thing you are doing today?