Ultrasound Pictures, a Manly Burger, and a Cold Run: Thinking out Loud (#28) 

Happy Thinking out Loud Thursday ladies and gentlemen! I am so excited to chat with you all this morning, before I hang out with my mom and sisters today. (Side note: I am so glad that they don’t live too far from me, we have so much fun together.)

Also, before we get stated: shout out to Amanda for hosting today! 

1. The above picture is how I feel after a good ultrasound and prenatal appointment- happy, relieved everything is going well, and feeling more pregnant everyday! My midwife told me I was right on track which made me feel super happy. 

2. Speaking of an ultrasound, baby T had his or her second photoshoot! I found it so amazing watching our little one squirm around, move constantly, suck his or her thumb, and have the hiccups. Babies are such a testimony to God’s handiwork!

3. Yesterday’s run was cold. I felt strong running, which was nice, but it was a lot colder than Monday’s run. Monday I was in a tank top, Wednesday, I was wearing my gloves. I just love the Midwest weather. 😉 

4. Speaking of the  cold, I had to wear a coat to my ultrasound last night. I then proceeded to share the woes of life with my snapchat friends. 

5. A couple days ago, I made this burger for Landon. I felt like a chef and he was very happy. Win, win! 

6. This quote made me smile: “A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” – Marion Garretty 

7. I’ve had this two days in a row now and I don’t think this addiction will stop anytime soon. Missed the recipe? Click here

8. Don’t be worried though, I am balancing out the chocolate like a champ with these monster salad! Does anyone else love banana peppers? My mom, sister, and I all eat them like they are going out of style. 
That’s all I have for today! Talk to you all tomorrow. 

Your Turn

1. Do you like banana peppers? 

2. What’s your favorite kind of burger? Mine: black bean! 

3. If you are a mom, what were your feelings during or after your ultrasound?