Twelve Pictures from Our Thansgiving Weekend 

I’m still alive everyone! Computer issues + a four day weekend = a nice, little break from the blog world. It was refreshing, but I and to glad to be back with you all!

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I hope your holiday weekend was as relaxing and fun as ours! We enjoyed not one, but three turkey meals, (which left me craving fresh food by the end of the week!) bring on all the salads.

Thursday morning, Landon, Benaiah and I hung out at home while I whipped up a toasted coconut sweet potato casserole that I can’t wait to share with you guys soon! It turned out delicious and if I weren’t sick of thanksgiving food (yes, I said that) I would make another immediatley.




The casserole was a crowd pleaser  and it’s definitely a recipe I’ll be making over and over again! 


We enjoyed lots of family time with grandmas, grandpas, aunts, and uncles.  


And lots of good food! One of my favorite sides this year was the stuffing. Does anyone else love stuffing too? 

dsc_1763After enjoying delicious food, we played balderdash, which kept everyone laughing. Such a fun game!  

Since Landon, Benaiah, and I got back home late Thursday evening, we took full advantage of the four day weekend by sleeping in.


After a good nights sleep, we decided to get a good sweat in together with this epic workout. Guys, after this workout I was SORE. Seventy tuck jumps is no joke. 

Thanks for sharing this workout Julie! (For exercise descriptions, head over to Julie’s blog.) 

After our intense workout, we refuled with another turkey dinner  and lots of family time. 


Oh and lots of coffee too. 😉 


We took a couple family pictures 



Don’t you just love it when you forget to adjust the zoom? 

We spent the rest of Friday, playing games with the family and watching The Patriot. I love the movie, but I forgot how depressing it is! So.many.emotions. Have you guys seen this movie? 


Benaiah was such a big boy and spent the night over grandma and grandpa’s house (we did too, of course!) 

We spent our Saturday and Sunday hanging out with family, working out, going to church, and relaxing together. 

I’m so thankful for four day weekends, lots of good food, family, and friends. 

And with that, I’m off for today. I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday! 

Questions of the Day 

  1. What did your Thanksgiving weekend look like? 
  2. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
  3. Any fun Tuesday plans?