Tuesday’s Happenings

Good morning friends and happy ‘we made it to the middle of the week day,’ also known as Wednesday! I don’t know about you guys, but over at the Thompson household this week is flying by. I think it has something to do with my calendar. The last couple weeks feel like they’ve been booked day in and day out and while I love having a busy and full calendar, I’m learning I also need to schedule in things like: blog work, time alone with Niah and other things to keep me feeling productive and relaxed. So far, we’ve been able to socialize while still having a somewhat structured day and I think the structure has me feeling all the feels. Is anyone else a structure lover?

Speaking of structure, today, I am sharing a peek into our day, yesterday. It was one of those days that started just as well as it ended. Yay for happy days!

Morning and Breakfast


As cozy as my blankets were yesterday morning, I knew I wanted to get up early. So, when my five am alarm clock beckoned me out of bed, I snoozed it only once and after getting another 9 minutes of sleep, crawled out of bed. I immediately turned on some hot water to get my coffee started and within five minutes, I sat down with my Bible, a pen, a steamy cup of coffee, and a devotional book I am reading through. I’ve been getting up around five each morning (most) so I can spend time with Jesus before the house wakes up and I can already tell it has been a game changer for me. I used to do this all the time when I was younger, but after having Benaiah, I found it extremely hard to get out of bed so early, especially on little sleep. Thankfully, since he is sleeping in until 7, I can usually bank on having at least two hours now to have devotions and get some work done before the day ‘officially’ starts. It has been so refreshing to have this time with Jesus and I am planning on keeping these early mornings a habit around here. After devotions, I spent a few minutes working on blog/run coaching work and then squeezed in a short and sweaty circuit workout before Benaiah woke up.


I was already planning on working out in the evening, but decided to at least get some blood and enorphins flowing in the am. Since my hip flexor is still sore, I’ve had to be a little creative in what kind of workout I allow myself to do. I am bummed that it is still acting up, but hoping to test out a run later this week and see how it feels. I have to keep reminding myself that a week or two off is much better than a month or more! < Easier said than done.


Once Niah was awake, we played around the house for a while, I got breakfast made for Landon (smoothie for him) and prepped Benaiah’s green smoothie. Benaiah downed his smoothie within five minutes and finished off his breakfast with Cheerios, while I read his devotions + a book to him.

Yesterday, we read Blueberries for Sal for the first time together and he was quite the fan. Children’s books = the best. After he was finished with breakfast and stories, we made a quick trip to the library to return some items and pick up some more books. I finally got my hands on Shaylene Flanagan’s book, Run Fast, Eat Slow! Can’t wait to dig into this book!


Post-library run was all about nap time. I quickly got him changed, entertained him with singing, nursed him, and put him down for a nap. Thankfully, he went down seamlessly! I found myself getting hungry around ten, so instead of my typical smoothie (I know!) I made a bowl of warm oatmeal made with 1/2 cup oats + almond milk + water + cinnamon + raisins + 1/2 scoop Designer whey protein + honey. So good. I didn’t take long to finish up the bowl and after drinking some water, I quickly got to work on this post and various run coaching projects.

Benaiah slept for about a hour and a half, which enabled me to check off some much needed items on my to-do lists. Once he was awake, I scooped him out of his crib, changed his diaper and got him ready to go to the park.


On our way to the park, I saw a new friend that I met on the trail the other day (remember she was the awesome runner who took my picture for me!) She was so sweet and told me that she was loving following my blog and it literally, made my day! Thanks for the encouragement, Carol! Once we made it to the park, Benaiah spent time running around while I met a sweet, new mom friend! Jen (new mom friend) and I immediately hit it off and I learned that she is a fellow mom and businesswoman! My other friend, Amber stopped by the park and we chatted together for the rest of our outdoor time. I am so, so thankful to have so many mom friends, new and old, around our town. It is such a blessing to be connected to so many amazing ladies. Jen and Amber, you helped make Tuesday so refreshing! Thank you!

Lunch and Afternoon


After spending our mid-afternoon hanging with friends, Benaiah and I came home to prepare lunch. Landon came home for the hour and we spent catching up about our days. I adore lunch breaks <3 We enjoyed some delicious salads (mixed lettuce + sunflower seeds + feta cheese + shredded carrots + homemade dressing) and finished off with cups of coffee.

Benaiah decided not to nap, which meant I spent his ‘quiet time,’ I finished working on this blog post, meal prepping and finally digging into my new recipe book.


Although Benaiah didn’t take a nap, he was quiet for about an hour, which enabled me to finish up some work and get dinner in the oven. I made a recent favorite of ours, Chicken Sausage bake. I love it because you can throw everything in one dish and call it good. It is not too time intensive and tastes like fall. You can find the full recipe, over at Julie’s blog!

My sister Abby and our friend, Hope stopped over for dinner and my sister-in-law popped in for a few minutes before they all left for Bible study. It was such a joy to briefly see my sisters and friend, Hope for a few moments before everyone left in opposite directions. After the ladies left, Landon headed to his Bible study and I worked on getting Benaiah to sleep. Thankfully, after a quick bath, Benaiah went down easily.

I enjoyed a quiet house by cleaning, finishing the second part of my workout, and unwinding with a marathon documentary. YES.

I hope you all had a great Tuesday and an awesome Wednesday! Catch you all tomorrow!

Questions of the Day 

  1. What was the highlight of your Tuesday?
  2. Do you enjoy getting out of the house often?
  3. What is your current, favorite week night meal?