Tuesday Talks

This is kind of a late weekend update, but I figured I would share my weekend with you all, since it was great. Friday I was able to with my friends to see our friend Britta. Britta recently got married and we were all able to repaint her kitchen and trim. It was so fun to be able to see her home contribute to their future together. Are they not the most adorable couple ever?



 After getting the grand tour, we picked the most amazing pears ever off her tree, ate a picnic lunch and started painting.

Isn’t their home adorable?


Chicken Coop


Their barnyard




Josie painting the kitchen. We were all able to paint the entire kitchen and cabinets.


After working, we all said goodbye and drove a couple hours back home. Later that evening, my sister and I had a sleepover with a friend.


Saturday morning involved a quick run, devotions, and work.  After work, I came home, went to Bible study and hung out with some great friends.

I love the small things in life that create such joy. I love how God knows each and every detail of our life and how perfect His plans are. This weekend was a perfectly detailed, joyous time of refreshment and encouragement. What are the details in your days that make you happy? What brings you joy?