Tuesday Talk II

If anyone knows me well, they would all agree that I love to talk. It’s one of my favorite hobbies (aside from running of course).  So today, I am just going to chat away. Try to keep up if you can!

1. One of my favorite things about the fall is family activities and festivals. This weekend we got to go to a festival and my sister preformed her own music there. It was awesome watching her use her talents for the Lord and sing her heart out.


My family and cousins came and we all roasted in the heat while we cheered her on.  It was a good turnout and she sang and played well!


It was a little hot. #sarcasam


After cheering and baking, we rewarded ourselves to Texas Roadhouse. Has anyone else been to Texas Roadhouse before? Carb heaven- their rolls taste like no other.

2. Speaking of food, when we do salads at our house, we do them big.

taco salad

Taco Salad- quick and easy, yet delicious. If you guys want, I will share the recipe.

3. I’ve been cross training a lot because of my shin splits, but I think they are getting better praise the Lord! Today I put in 1 mile on the treadmill, since I have to ease back into training and 4 miles on the elliptical. I love the gym except for the fact that their air conditioning doesn’t work very well. Talk about sweat!?


4. I love having devotions either late at night or early in the morning. Something about the stillness of the house it such a good feeling when I spend time with the Lord. Devotions always recharge me and put me and my life back into perspective.


5. Does anybody else get stuck in a breakfast rut? I have 3 different breakfasts that I love and switch back and forth.  Lately though, I cannot get enough oats and smoothies. I am a happy girl when I have a pool of peanut butter on top of steaming oats.  If you haven’t tried peanut butter on oatmeal you are really missing out!

oats my goats

Well I am off for another busy day, check back tomorrow for WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday!) It will be a party. 😉