Wild Hair and Sprained Ankles (TOL #80)


Hey there lovely friends, I apologize for the quietness on the blog yesterday. Between a crazy morning rushing to a chiropractor appointment and a sprained (!?) ankle I didn’t get a chance to sit down and post. Thankfully, today is looking a lot quieter and I am hoping to sneak in a quick trip to the pool!

Before we begin, a quick shot out to Amanda for hosting!


THIS HAIR. I seriously don’t know how many, daily comments we receive about his hair, but it really is the center of attention. I’ve noticed it falling down a little, as his hair grows and a little part of me is super sad about it. Let’s keep the fluffy hair, okay?

We are super talented at taking pictures together.


This picture makes me so happy. I love seeing my boys play together. <3 


Something else that makes me happy? Eggs. Lately, cheesy, scrambled eggs have totally been hitting the spot. I’ve always enjoyed eggs, but recently, they are my second go-to breakfast. 

Although, my forever, favorite will always be my Designer Protein (who just celebrated 25 YEARS!)  breakfast smoothies < on that note, you can use the code BETHANY20 to receive 20% off any product of your choice! Click here to shop products. My favorite > vanilla almond or French vanilla. So, so good! 

 Something that is NOT a favorite. A sprained ankle during my marathon training. (The strange part is I have NO IDEA how I sprained it…)  This was definitely not planned, but I know God is in control and He’s got this. The next few days will be all about icing and recovering. I’m hoping to run by the end of the weekend! 

Speaking of running, last Sunday’s half marathon was amazing. You can find the full recap here. How cool is this medal?!

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this video to enjoy! 😉 
I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday! Catch you guys tomorrow! 

Questions of the Day 

  1. Who else is marathon training right now? 
  2. How do you handle injuries? 
  3. What are your Thursday plans?!