Thursday Thoughts X


Before we dive in, thank you Amanda for hosting!

1. Am I the only one who is shocked at how small the water cups are all Panera now? I mean, I drank that thing in two sips. I don’t know how many ounces it is, but I am thinking 4oz.


2. Oh man, it is still cold, and still snowing. But, on the bright side, I did hear that we are going to have a warm weekend! Which means a nice, long run outside. I like the treadmill, but nothing can compete with an outside run.


3. I got this red lipstick for Christmas and have loved it! Why haven’t I gone red before?

red lips

4. Speaking of new things, I have a new recipe coming to you on Monday! Hint: It involves chocolate and bananas.


5. That moment when you gear up to go for a run, look at the clock, and realize you don’t even have time to start, let alone squeeze in five miles?

Yeah, that happened to me yesterday. Never fear, night runs are here! (That was really lame, sorry!)


6. Since we are discussing last night’s adventures, yesterday, I was privileged to speak to 100 kids at our AWANA program about As Our Own. As Our Own rescues girls out of sex-trafficking and raises them as their own daughters. Last year, I was able to run a half-marathon and raise support for their ministry. Each year, a girls’ name. ones that have been already rescued, are honored at the different races. Last year I ran for Sabri in Chicago and it changed my life.

I am excited to announce, that I will be taking a team to either Chicago or Milwaukee to run another half-marathon in honor of our daughters in India. If anyone is interested, contact me in the ‘contact’ page and I will be happy to send you information.

Last year, this was my theme song during training.

7. Speaking of long runs, I think I have found the secret pre-run fuel. Black Raspberry Chocolate Ice cream is always a good idea, but even better before a night run. Buy some now and thank me later.

ice cream

8. That late night run and workout? It went well, although I may or may not have almost fallen asleep on the weight bench.

9. I am excited to share with you all that my sister is having one of her firsts concerts!! I will be ‘that’ person cheering in the front row! God has blessed her with an amazing talent, I am so excited to see how He is going to use her.

Check this out: (one of her originals!)

This one isn’t an original….

10. I just noticed my mug is empty and I need more coffee. With that, I’m going to get more and  I’ll catch you all tomorrow with another round of Fitness Fridays. Happy Thursday friends!