Thursday Thoughts IX

Time for Thursday Thoughts; thanks Amanda for hosting!


1. It took me forever to get my memory card out of my camera. I think I turned the camera on and off by accident at least six times. Don’t ask why..

2. We are still going strong with our Christmas decorations over here, who says you have to take them down right after Christmas day? Rest assured, we will take them down before Valentines.


3. Do you ever have the feeling that your phone vibrates and then when you grab it, the phone really wasn’t vibrating? Happened to me this morning weird?

4. I just finished the almond butter. Man, now I have to take a trip to Trader Joes!



5. I have been so blessed by taking my Pastor’s challenge of reading Romans chapter 8 through 50 times. It is amazing how many things you pick up when you read it over and over.


6. I’ve realized now why people move to Florida after they retire. I had to scrape off at least 6 inches of snow off my car yesterday, it wasn’t very pleasant.

7. Since starting my coffee business, I’ve learned that it probably isn’t professional to wear my running clothes all day. Statement necklaces have been a lifesaver!


8. Speaking of coffee, I went to the post office yesterday to send some samples to my blogger friends and I was told that the zip-code I had been given not even a zip-code. Bizarre. So now I have a package of coffee that I have to find a zip-code for. Unless anybody would like to claim it…


9. I found one of my favorite artist on Spotify! My day was made. I was able to see this guy live for two weeks at Summit. Since then, I hadn’t been able to find his music, until yesterday! This is one of my favorite songs of his. Fun fact: I was sitting about 4 rows back from this stage!

10. Well, I am off for a run! Have a great Thursday friends, stay warm!