Thinking Out Loud IV


1. The Lord’s beauty is breathtaking.  When I survey His power, I really am left speechless. Psalm 19:1 “The Heavens declare the Glory of God…” There is something about a sunset that makes me feel calm, peaceful, and relaxed.  It’s like the world is quieting.


2. Another place where I see God’s beauty is in His words. His words breathe life. Right now, in my church, we are studying Nehemiah. The Lord has revealed so many things to me through Nehemiah.  If you haven’t read it, you should.


3. Can we question why it is already in the 40s here? I have to find all of my winter clothes and it’s only the middle of September! Not ok… Last Friday, my sister and I got soaked at a football game and it was in the 40s that night too. I looked and felt like a drowned rat. My purse was damp until Sunday.  My wads of twenties ones were crumpled.  Where is this Indian Summer you speak of?

real people clothes

4. Somedays, I actually wear ‘real people’ clothes. Although it usually demands an event. Like going to the chiropractor’s office. And I may or may not have fallen asleep in that amazing rocking chair while waiting for my x-rays. Those chairs are amazing.


5. Let’s be honest though, I would rather be in my running clothes. All day and every day. On a bright note, I think my leg is almost completely better. I took this photo after running three and a half miles, pain-free I might add..


6. I think the icing has helped. But it is certainly not fun. #hypothermia My chiropractor has ordered me not to work out at all today, so I will be doing lots of icing, resting, and reading.


7. Usually while I ice, I drink my not so famous world renowned smoothies. Brilliant right? If I am freezing my legs off, I might as well freeze internally too and add a brain freeze to the mix as well.  I live big.

8. What should I post tomorrow?

Fitness Friday?

Friday Favorites?


You guys decide and let me know.

Catch you all later!