Three New Favorite Food Finds 

I love finding new healthy foods that taste good, are reasonably priced, and are ones that Landon and I both enjoy! Recently, I’ve found these three winners and I wanted to make sure to share them with you all. 

1. I’ve been on a Bolthouse farms dressing kick recently and found a new favorite! Their classic ranch taste just like a rich, creamy ranch should, but it is way healthier. Another bonus? Their dressings are not too expensive either and make a great addition to any salad. Some other of our favorite Bolthouse Farms dressings include: Classic Balasmic and Cilantro Avocado. 

2. I’ve shared this before- but Landon and I are still loving coconut cream. So far we’ve made coconut whipped cream, coconut butter, and put some of the hardened cream (the cream solidifies when you put it in the fridge) into our iced coffees (right before we blend it.) I noticed it gives our coffees a rich, creamy, and velvety foam on top. Hello yum. 

3. Beanitos White Bean Nacho Cheese Chips. Ladies and gentlemen, these chips are delicious! And they are made from beans!? I was also impressed with their ingredients- no scary, funky ingredients make my heart happy. 

(Note: this is not a sponsored post and all my opinions are my own.) 

Let’s hangout again tomorrow. Make the rest of the day great. 

You Share:

  1. Any new favorite finds? 
  2. What are your top three favorite foods right now? 
  3. On the topic of food- what are you making for dinner? (I’m making Collard Greens!)