Thinking out Loud XVII



Welcome to Thinking out Loud! Thank you Amanda for hosting and enjoy Hawaii!

 1. I turned 20!!! I was going to write a deep post about what I have learned growing up and through my teen years. That never happened. The goal is to do that sometime this week, but we shall see.


I had a wonderful day celebrating with friends at church, family, and my man. So lovely and I am so thankful for the many blessings the Lord has given me.


2. On a different note, a lot of smoothies have been happening around here.



3. Sunshine has made my miles so happy.


4. For my birthday, I got this new notepad. Isn’t it the most adorable thing ever?


5. Foam rolling so painful, but so good! I have noticed a large improvement with my shins by just starting to foam roll on a regular basis.


6. Going to see this girl (my sister!) in concert tonight. So proud of you Abby!

7. Another fun thing that happened this week: another birthday! My little (or not-so little) sister, Emily turned 13! How crazy is that?


8. While I was cooking with my special someone yesterday, my sisters and future sister in law made a new skirt for Abby. They were very happy that I snagged a picture of them. I just wish I knew how to sew. Any tips?


9. This little girl is almost done with second grade! How does time go so quickly?


10. Well, that’s it for today! Catch you all later!!