Thinking out Loud XXIV


Welcome back my lovely readers to my favorite post of the week! I think that I like this post best because I can ramble and it is technically ok!

Thank you Amanda for hosting! Check out Amanda’s blog for fabulous recipes and beautiful photography … here.

Let’s get to it, shall we?


1. I’ve baked lately… I asked my sisters what they wanted me to make and after only a brief period of deliberation, we decided on cherry. I always think it looks pretty.


2. Abby and I visited one of our favorite ice cream places yesterday. If you are every debating which flavor of ice cream to get white chocolate is always a good decision. Just a heads up.

3. My family and I are watching this movie tonight! I have literally, been waiting for to watch this movie for two years and one day. I. can’t. wait.

(And now, I am really hoping that it meets my expectations.)

wedding collage

4. I am documenting my wedding and all. of. the. planning. Stay tuned for details and insight on how to have a wedding in a beautiful, inexpensive, and relaxing way!


5. Once again, the foam roller has been my best friend. My IT band and I have not been having the best relationship recently, but I think we are working through are differences. This week, running has been so far, so good!

new journal

6. I’m almost finished with my latest journal! Crazy!!?!


7. And I get to marry this man in ONE MONTH EXACTLY! I am so beyond excited.