Thinking out Loud XX


Welcome back to Thinking out Loud, hosted by Amanda! It was another fun-filled week. The Lord is so gracious, and I am grateful for the days He gives and the people He places in our lives. This week, I spent time with some friends from Tennessee, my man, my family, old friends and new friends.


1.  So, while I am at work, all the ladies go for ice cream. How did that work? I totally missed the memo on the party…

ice cream

2.I just adore this pile of girls. Also, please notice Hannah’s summer dress and winter boots. Got to love that.

aunt jill

3. Part of the Tennessee friends! How wonderful friendship is! Aren’t they adorable?



4. More ice cream pictures….still trying to figure out why I wasn’t there… Also, I cannot believe how big these two girls are getting! They’ve been friends since birth practically and now they are young ladies?! Where does the time go?

new journal

5. On another note, I got a new journal! Isn’t it lovely? I feel compelled to write in it. That front cover is so commanding.


6. I found my dog, Baldwin, sun bathing yesterday. How pitiful is that? He is so lazy. I will admit though, I almost joined him. 😉


7. Speaking of sun, I think that is one of the reasons why I ran fast (for me!) yesterday! It was a fabulous run and I broke my 5k record!! Woohoo!



Those were my splits, I was pretty excited, I must admit!


8. Tuesday at a business meeting, I tried to surprise Landon by sneaking my homemade Larabars into his car. He caught me red handed. Thankfully, they were hidden in a bag, so he was a little surprise by what was in the mysterious bag. I need to work on my ninja skills…

9. Well that is it for today folks. I have another busy day ahead of me, starting with some cross training. Let’s live for the honor of the King!

I long for Your salvation O Lord and Your law is my delight! Let my soul live and praise You, and let Your rules help me.” 

{Psalm 119:174-175 ESV}