Thinking out Loud XVIII


Welcome back to Thinking out Loud! Thank you Amanda for hosting.  This is one of my favorites posts, because I can blog all over the board and it is ok with everyone else. Let’s dive in and see what’s happening!

1. Picnics with Landon are wonderful. We also acquired some good color (also known as sunburn!)

2. Spring has finally sprung! Praising the Lord for the warm weather and the new signs of life. I always get excited when I see buds on the trees.

3. Speaking of spring, I now finally feel comfortable running in shorts. I have run in shorts for a while, but my legs were continually collldd…it’s a nice break to be able to run and actually get warm.

I also learned today that I am not always a graceful antelope like I picture when I run. Bethany + holes + a fast pace = bad things. I think I rolled 2 times. Oh well, a little humbleness and scraped knees never hurt anyone 😉

4. The beauty of the Lord’s creation is breathtaking…(the picture doesn’t do it justice).

5.  One of my new favorite songs:

6.  Thank you all for your awesome comments on Tuesday’s post! It is a blessing to both of us to know that we have friends and family praying for us. We love you all.

Well that’s it folks! Catch you all tomorrow for Fitness Fridays! Let’s honor the Lord with the day that He has given us.

Whoever gives thought to the word will discover good; and blessed is He who trusts in the Lord.” 

{Proverbs 16:20 ESV}