Thinking out Loud XII

 Happy Thursday friends! It is time for…


Thank you Amanda for hosting!


1. That moment when you wear three different shades of blues on your run.. I am glad I am not a person who is too concerned with fashion.

(Excuse the horrendous feet. Runners are doomed with horrible looking feet for life.)


2. How I beat boredom on the treadmill. Still going strong with Call of the Midwife. Let me just tell you, season 2 episode 2 game.changer.


3. Isn’t this verse beautiful?

4. You know you are your sister are pretty awesome, when your heads collide randomly. She was sneezing and I was in the wrong place in the wrong time. Bad decision-making on my part.


5. This is what goes on in my head every single morning. (See above picture.)

leaping for joy

6. I really miss those green fields, that green grass, and that tan…

7. I have three coffee parties this weekend and I am so excited. They are always a ton of fun and such a good excuse to drink mammoth amounts of coffee. One thing I love about this job is that I am always around people and creating relationships with others!


8. I have all the necessary supplies near me and treadmill . Water. phone. headband. and chapstick.

9. I had to write a couple of essays yesterday. Whew, I hadn’t written essays since this summer. It always takes me a minute to get back into the groove of writing again. I do enjoy writing, but have to remind myself of how to do it.

10. Obsessed with this song and video. It makes me so happy.

Well that is it folks! Happy Thursday, run long, drink coffee, eat well, and rejoice in Christ!

Catch you tomorrow with Fitness Friday!