Thinking out Loud XIII: Las Vegas Recap in a Few Words




1. The Hoover Dam is breathtaking.


2. After a four-hour flight and a couple of hours of sleep, a run in 70 degrees never felt so good!


3. It was windy and sunny, but that didn’t stop us from taking a groupie. I am so thankful for these people. They made the trip so very memorable.


4. The picture quality is horrible, but I had to share just a glimpse for you guys. This was just the start of the conference and you can already see how many people were there.


5. The black tie event afterwards, called for another group shot. (Excuse the cell phone quality picture!)


6. I had to capture the moment on snapchat.


8. Aren’t those mountains gorgeous?!

9. All in all, it was an amazing event filled with outstanding people, training, and coffee! I was blessed to be able to go and meet people from all over the world and build strong relationships with my team. I cannot wait for the next event. Los Angeles, we are coming for you!

I’ll be back tomorrow to announce who the winner of our Coffee GIVEAWAY was! Don’t forget to stop in and see if you won.