Thinking out Loud (#25)

It’s that time of week again! Thank you, Amanda, for hosting. 


1. This song. Love. Love. Love. Please listen. Perferrably on repeat.   

2. Favorite lunch strikes again. There was hummus, but it was left out of the photo. Does anybody else loves sweet potatoes as much as I do? I know my siste and Janae  and I share a common love for them. Anyone else?

3. Literally, thinking about this dessert right now. If anybody would care to drop an angel food trifle by my place today, that’d be fantastic. 

4. After dinner snacking = popcorn. I was so hungry yesterday. I wonder why? 😉 

5. Tozer. So good.  

6. I get to see my momma and sisters today! I love how close we all are: literally, best friends.   

7. Speaking of my sisters, we all have the same Eos. We are so cool. 😉    

8. I got the sweetest package in the mail yesterday. Lots of baby books, diapers, and more! Thanks Jeanie! 

Well, I have to run! Catch you all later. Let’s hangout tomorrow.