Thinking out Loud (#24) 

It is time for Thinking out Loud! This is one of my favorite days, because, this is pretty much how I think. (Ha) 

Thanks, as always, Amanda, for hosting! 


 1. Landon and I celebrated 7 months of marriage yesterday, how does the time go so quickly!? 

2. Yesterday, I went shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond, hello choices. So many choices. Also, why in the world are the kitchen gadgets that I need stored way above my head? So for your information, I was that lady who was standing tip toe, trying to get a spatula off the hook. (I was successful by the way, victory!) 

3. Strawberries are on sale at Aldi for .89 – que the excitement! 

4. For my birthday, my in laws got me stretch bands- love the colors, love the burn they provide my arms with. 

5. Speaking of my birthday, I had this meal (sweet potato fries and a veggie burger) for my birthday lunch. It was so good, and I may or may not be craving this now that I’ve seen this picture again. 

6. No picture for this, but the last two evenings, I’ve been craving a big, thick, turkey sandwich. This craving has not yet been fulfilled. 

7. Isn’t this gorgeous? I felt like I was running in Holland. Can I get an amen for gorgeous running routes!?

8. This quote. Enough said.  


9. I’m so looking forward to feeling baby T move around! Nothing yet, but so looking forward to that moment. 


10. This picture was taken for Emily’s birthday. I was thankful to be able to spend the day with her on her (14th!) birthday. I love this picture for two reasons. 

  1. Most of the family is all together. 
  2. Please notice the creepy couple in the picture. Enough said. 

Let’s hangout tomorrow, with Fitness Friday or Fun Facts Friday. What would you guys rather see? 

Comment below and let me know what post you want to read tomorrow. 

Make today beautiful, God bless!