Thinking out Loud XXI


1. This happened yesterday! My brother graduated?! I thought I just graduated (which was TWO years ago!). Isn’t it amazing how quickly times passes? It reminds me, yet again, to seize each and every day that is given to us by God!

school room 1010

2. Our mom, the little one in the yellow, has been our teacher through all of our years of school. Homeschooling is a journey. It is a lot of work, yet a lot of fun. There’s been tears shared and laughter exchanged, and I wouldn’t change anything. Congratulations mom, for having two graduated! Two more to go!

the boys

3. The other graduate that finished high school with my brother was our family friend Austin. He’s really been a brother to all of us for the past ten years or so. Proud of you Austin!


4. Isn’t my grandma the most precious lady ever? I am grateful I drove her to the ceremony that morning, she always shares the best stories!
the bro

5. Nathaniel was done with pictures by the time I wanted one, but I forced asked him to take a picture anyways! Documentation, friends.


6. Cake!


7. Nathaniel’s fiancé came out to support him too. I don’t think she’s ever seen a home school graduation ceremony. She was definitely amused…


8. Apparently, there was a surprise planned for later….

silly string

9. Surprise: Silly string- we are classy people.


10. Nathaniel’s fiancé got in on the action too.


11. A while later, my sister found a box of Cheez-its in the car, which made her quite happy.


12. Speaking of food, I need to get my run in this morning, so I can come  home and make this!

Green smoothies, all day, every day!

 That’s it for today! May you all have a blessed day serving Christ and others!

“Come and see what God has done! He is awesome in His deeds toward the children of man.”

{Psalm 66:5 ESV}