The Tuesday Before Christmas

Hey, hey friends and look at me go! I am sharing a day in the life of post, finally. It has been my full intention of sharing a peek into our daily life for the past couple weeks, but for various reasons, the post was never published (or written for that matter, haha) So here we go, a peek into our Tuesday before Christmas…

Maybe I should have titled this, ‘Twas the Tuesday before Christmas…’


Morning and Breakfast

Typically, the past couple of days, I’ve been waking up around five am, having devotions, drinking my cup of coffee and grinding out some work. Yesterday, was a little different. Monday night, I went to bed with terrible sinus pressure. So, instead of pushing myself to get up early, I slept in until seven and let me body get some extra sleep. As nice as the extra sleep was, I always feel thrown off when I wake up later than normal. Thankfully, I felt a little better and sipped on some coffee while Landon had his devotions and Benaiah nursed.

Landon left around 7:50 for work, while I fed Benaiah a smoothie for breakfast (along with a little oatmeal.) He ate a good portion of his meal and seemed pretty happy. I was excited that he drank as much of the smoothie as he did, since I added a large portion of sweet potato and spinach to his drink. He seems to be at a pretty picky stage with his veggies, but thankfully I can sneak them into his smoothies and he doesn’t notice. MOM WIN. I made a quick protein smoothie (made with my favorite Designer Protein – use y code BETHANY20 for 20% off your fist order) and downed it in about 38 sec. flat.


As the morning wore on, I realized I didn’t feel the best (stuffy nose and cough, wonderful.) so I opted not to run or workout. Sometimes, it is better to listen to our bodies rather than push through an illness. I find with some colds I can push through and it’s okay, but with certain kinds of colds, I’ve learned (through experience) it is better to rest and allow your body to fight the cold. So, that’s what I did.


Niah and I spent the rest of our morning reading books, watching portions of The Santa Clause (Benaiah is starting to actually sit through part of a movie now) and making lunch together. Just recently, Niah has started taking interest in what I am doing in the kitchen and I’ve found, although it is messy, cooking with him is such a joy!

Lunch and Nap Time

Landon came home for lunch around 1 and we spent the hour eating salads and catching up about each other’s days. Landon played with Niah while I took a short nap and once he left, I put Benaiah down for his nap.


Benaiah is FINALLY napping again (which makes my days so much easier.) He was fighting his naps for almost a month and by the end of the month, both he and I were exhausted. Thankfully, he is getting into a routine and now naps around 2-4 in the afternoon. Having a couple hours in the afternoon is very helpful and refreshing, I am so thankful for that little break. While he napped, I worked on this blog post, created a training plan for a new athlete of mine, and finished up some house projects. While I worked on some projects, I listened to THIS SONG on repeat. Oh my goodness guys, I am obsessed. Send help.


Dinner and Evening


Benaiah slept for a couple hours while I wrapped presents and finished work. Once he was up, we snuggled on the couch, watched part of another Christmas movie and then we got busy making dinner. For dinner, I decided to whip up an easy lentil pilaf (I just kind of winged it, so it had sweet potato, carrots, onions and peppers + lentils and spices) and brown rice.

I didn’t take a picture because of the horrible lighting, but it looked very similar to this lentil bowl.


Landon came home shortly after five, we ate dinner together and after dinner started our evening routines. Since Landon had men’s ministry at our church, I finished up some work after Niah was sleeping, sipped on some coffee and noshed on one of these brownies (literally, my favorite recipe ever.)

And there’s a wrap! A peek into our Tuesday! I hope you all have a wonderful day. Only FIVE days until Christmas!

Questions of the Day 

  1. What was the best part about your Tuesday?
  2. How often do you take rest days?
  3. Are you all finished with your Christmas shopping?