The Day My Appetite Disappeared (WIAW 11/1)

So yeah, I’m usually that person who needs three solid meals and most likley a snack or two per day. But, yesterday was not that day.

I think it may have had something to do with my sickness that I had on Monday. Amazingly, I woke up yesterday feeling just about 100% better! Thank you Lord! I was feeling 100% better, except for my appetite. So, I apologize if this WIAW is super boring and not very fun. I’ll try to spice things up next week.

Rewinding to yesterday morning, I woke up, pleasantly surprised that I felt as good as I did. Thank goodness for vitamins and lots of prayer!

After sending Landon off to work, I got busy on blog work, devotions, cleaning the kitchen, and a shower.


It took a while, but eventually around 11 am decided to have breakfast.

I enjoyed my typical smoothie, but I couldn’t finish it all. I did finish my coffee. #priorities

After a pretty lowsey attempt at breakfast, Benaiah and I got ready to go to his two month check up.


The appointment went smoothly, he got a clean bill of health, and I found out he weighs 11 pounds! No wonder why carrying his car seat around is getting more difficult…

Once we made it back home, Landon came home for a late lunch. I wasn’t really hungry, but I figured since it had been quite a few hours since I last ate, I should eat a little something.


My “little something” turned into a couple turkey wraps (turkey meat + cheese + spinach + hummus) and a side of carrots and hummus.

Benaiah and mommy enjoyed some daddy time before lunch break ended. Once Landon went back to work, I took Benaiah to the store and grabbed some last minute items in order to make dinner for us and a meal for a friend.

Benaiah fell asleep as I was shopping and stayed asleep for almost two hours! (Win!) During that time, I quickly made a couple dinners and a dessert for my friend. Thank you buddy!

Landon came home just as I was sticking dinner in the oven and we caught up with each other’s day while Benaiah cooed in his daddy’s arms.

We ended our Tuesday evening with a warm dinner, (a chicken casserole) some evening work hours, and time spent playing with Benaiah. I’ll spare you the picture of dinner, the lighting was horrible.

I’m hoping today my appetite will be back full force, I don’t like when it goes missing. 😉 Have a fabulous Wednesday friends!

Questions of the Day 

  1. If you lose your appetite, do you have a fall back food that always sounds good? 
  2. Name three things you ate yesterday!
  3. Any Wednesday plans? Anyone running today?