The 12 Days of Christmas and Jello Legs (TOL #59)


Good morning and happy Thursday everyone! I hope your week is going well so far and that you have lots of fun or relaxing plans for this New Year’s weekend. I really don’t know yet what we are going to do, but part of my wants to just stay home in my pjs and go to bed early. Am I old or what?

In typical Thursday fashion, we are kicking this day off with another round of TOL (thinking out loud) where I share my random thoughts with all of you, since you guys are dying to know.  😉

As always, thanks Amanda for hosting TOL every Thursday!


Christmas is over and I’m pretty sad about it. EXCEPT I found out that the 12 Days of Christmas (according to google) only begins on Christmas Day and traditionally, Christians celebrated for twelve days straight. Basically, my whole life is a lie and I can celebrate with Christmas cookies, music, movies, and gifts for another eight days without any judgment. Hallelujah!


Excuse the blurry photo, but guys, I’ve pretty much got my crow pose down and I feel like a champion. If I could just get that head stand…that’d be great…

On another fitness note, yesterday my workout called for 60 sumo squats, 70 tuck jumps, and 100 jump squats. Basically, I can’t walk today. #jellolegs

This little man is getting so big and my mommy heart can’t handle it. Between finding his hands, holding my face, and giggling, our baby boy is hardly a baby anymore.

You’ve probably noticed, but I’ve stopped numbering these points because it was making the format super weird. In case you are wondering, we are on point 5. Anyone have an idea of how to fix that?


Speaking of the little man, notice that drool? I think we have a teether on our hands. He is constantly drooling which makes keeping him clean nearly impossible. I’m also sporting the drool/spit stained shirts a lot lately. #iamfashion



The other day, I came back from a freezing cold run, only to be greeted with warm chicken noodle soup and fresh biscuits. I decided that this is how I should celebrate the end of every winter run. Carbs + Protein in soup form + post cold run = magic. Thank you Landon for keeping me fed and warm.


Lastly, this picture. My two favorite people in the whole world. Be still my heart. (Also if you could find me an adult version of Benaiah’s huge winter eh, sleeping bag (?) That’d be great.

And with that touch of adorableness, I’ll leave you for today!

Have a great Thursday!

Questions of the Day 

  1. What is your favorite post-run meal?
  2. Any cold weather runners out there? What’s the coldest temperature you’ve ever run in? 
  3. Are you a yogi? What is your favorite pose?