That Time I Climed a Mountain, Proof that Landon is Good with Babies (?), and a Gorgeous Run (Weekend Recap 7/10)

Well, hello there and happy Monday! I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend and were able to fit in a lot of fun activities.

Landon and I certainly did. Saturday, we headed to the dunes with family and friends!

Once we arrived, we had a picnic (I had this delicious salad, but totally forgot dressing! Bummer!)

I’ve never been to the dunes before and I was blown away! If you would have told me we were in Florida, I probably would have believed you. 😉

Who knew these gorgeous sites are so close to us?!

Even though it was sunny out, it actually felt cool, which was perfect running!

Landon and I ran a quick 1.5 mile loop and then decided to climb the dune. Check out the view from this run!?

This picture does not do the dune justice. It was huge. We made it up, but my legs felt like jello afterwards.

The rest of the afternoon, we played some intense games of ladderball, walked by the beach, and I discovered proof that Landon is going to be a great father!

This little munchkin (isn’t he adorable!?) chilled with Landon by our picnic spot. Be still my heart.

I took baby T down by the beach and dipped my toes in (too cold for me!)

Landon didn’t think it was too cold though and he jumped in. (He’s so brave!)

After 8 hours in the sun, we headed back home and called it a night. Once we got home, I crawled into bed and slept like a baby.

Sunday, Landon and I went to church, picked up a few groceries, and had our friends over for coffee and a large fruit salad.

These two are absolute gems. We haven’t seen them since they got married (they live in Florida…) and it was a blessing to chat about our lives, talk about what Jesus is teach us, and what we are learning through the first year of marriage!

The rest of the evening, Landon and I looked at a new place (we are hoping to move before baby T comes…) and chilled at home with salad, fruit, and Horizon organic Mac and cheese. (Our Sunday treat!)

These are the weekends that turn into memories and moments that last a lifetime! I am so thankful for days spent with with my husband, friends, and family. I hope your Monday is off to a fantastic start! Make today great friends.

Check back in later this afternoon for a new total body workout!!

Questions of the Day 

1. What did you do this weekend? 

2. Any fun vacation spots near you? 

3. What was your latest run?