Thank Goodness for Coffee, I Like Large Salads, and Fries for Dinner (WIAW 7/5)   

Happy happy Wednesday! Have no idea how we celebrate Wednesdays  around here? Check out this link for the details! 


Apparently, I haven’t learned my lesson that I cannot go on fewer than 7 hours of sleep a night, multiple times in a row, without eventually crashing. I learned (relearned) that the hard way, yesterday morning, by having to drag myself out of bed. It literally took all my willpower. 

Thank goodness for coffee and a sweet husband. 

Once Landon left for work, I left to go for a run. I like to run in the morning for two reasons. 

1. I beat the heat.

2. My brain isn’t fully functioning yet and isn’t able to talk me out of running. 

Just keeping it real.

After coming back from running and running errands, I made my Chocolate Covered Strawberry Protein Smoothie and enjoyed it while finishing up some blog work and having my devotions. 

Smoothies normally keep me full for hours, but after 2 1/2 hours of  paperwork and cleaning, I found myself ravenous. 

I quickly whipped up a Mexican, chickpea salad and had an unpictured peanut butter oatmeal square with glass of almond milk.   

(And yes, this salad was eaten out of a mixing bowl…I like large salads.) 

I also made sure to inform my sister about my run. Because I know she is dying to know about every detail of my life. 😉

Wednesday afternoon consisted of: budgeting, cleaning, paying some bills, working on insurance, blogging, and preparing dinner. 

(This kale all came from my garden!) 

By the time Landon came home, I was more than ready for dinner. (Apparently, I was famished all day long…)

Dinner: grilled chicken, homemade fries, and steamed kale from the garden. (Honestly, I was most excited about eating French fries. I think I would have been just as happy if I had only the French fries for dinner.)   

After dinner, Landon and I walked for two miles, came home, and enjoyed strawberry Popsicles. (Aldi has a great organic brand that are delicious!)

And that’s a wrap! Check back in later today for my French fry recipe!

Questions of the Day

  1. French fries? Yay or nay?  
  2. When do you prefer to run? Morning, aftenoon, or night?
  3. Best thing you ate yesterday?