Surprise Mail + I Think I Need to Watch This (TOL #74)


Well hey there friends. We’ve made it to Thursday. I woke up yesterday, thinking it was Thursday and all ready for a conference call that I have scheduled for today. After posting in a group and asking if it was still on, I realized it was only Wednesday, not Thursday. Woops.

I don’t know about you guys, but it has been a big week. It really hasn’t been too stressful or exciting, but full and busy with projects! I am in one of my friends’ wedding on Saturday (YAY!), which means this week has been spent showering her with gifts, parties, and preparing for all my bridesmaid’s duties 😉 Another fun thing is that her wedding will be at the same site where Landon and I got married! I am hoping to snap a few pictures of the day and get a few pictures of Landon and I where our married life all began….

Mmm’kay. Moving on to other things. Thank you, Amanda for hosting this party. Let’s get started, shall we?

Soo yesterday I got this surprise package in the mail!!


My favorite kind of surprise mail is either my Mizuno running shoes (newest addition above!) or my Designer Protein powder, shipment! Basically anything related to food and running makes me happy. Aren’t these beauties gorgeous? I will give you guys a full review of them once I rack up some mileage on them, but so far, I love how the fit, the amount of cushioning, and how light they are. Also, who doesn’t love that type of neon yellow on running shoes? I mean, come on.


Speaking of food and all these related to happiness, I have found my new favorite dark chocolate, thanks to Saturday’s bride-to-be.


This chocolate isn’t only smooth, crunchy (thanks to the almonds!) and oh-so perfectly dark, but it is sweetened with stevia! I love that it has less sugar, but it doesn’t leave that bitter aftertaste that some stevia sweetened desserts do. This is definitely a winner in my book.


Just another picture for good measure.

Oh okay, so while we are on the topic of measuring things, have you guys seen THIS TRAILER? I almost peed my pants watching this and it’s only the trailer. Footnote version: Two girls decide to go cage diving with sharks, cage breaks off line and fall 47 meters below the surface. Sharks are surrounding them while they are running out of oxygen. Will they get to the surface or not? AHH. And now I am convinced I need to watch this movie, although I will probably be hiding behind a pillow for 98% of the time.

lauren fleshmen


Speaking of things to watch, let’s talk about this article. Technically, you can’t watch this, but it is worth a read. Lauren Fleshmen, a recently retired professional runner, wrote this open letter to her younger self and it is everything I would have written to myself and more. I wish I would have read this before I slipped down the slippery path of an eating disorder, so I wanted to share this with as many people as possible! So good and worth a five minute read.

And on that note, I will hop off. Catch you guys tomorrow.

Questions of the Day

  1. Are you a shark movie fan? Has anyone else seen the trailer for 47 Meters Down? Thoughts?
  2. What is your favorite thing to get in the mail?
  3. What is your current, favorite treat or dessert?