Summit Graduation


Well here I am, almost two months out from Summit and still missing it like I left yesterday.  These past few months have been absolutely jam-packed. I missed blogging and it feels good to be back!

Enough talk, I am going to get down to the main part of the post.  Summit Graduation.

After two intense weeks, the Summit students graduated and we were sent off with the charge to be world changers. I’ve met so many amazing people and I wouldn’t trade the Summit experience for anything.

Graduation was great, because for the first time in two weeks, we were able to get dressed up. So long t-shirt and shorts. And crazy    natural hair…


Some people had to leave before, like my awesome friend and running buddy Joseph. Goodbyes are so sad.

Small group
Small group

The last picture of all us together…a couple of our friends left early.


A few days before I left, I finally found a straightener.  My small group leader Megan, on the far right, had one in her room! Hallelujah! My hair was a curly mess most days..

fiona gibson and bethany

Dinner before the ceremony with Phiona and Gibson.  Another fellow runner.


After dinner pictures.

graduation 2

Brianna and I.  The only other girl that was my height 🙂


small group

So much love in this small group! The Lord was so good to give me girls that challenged me, encouraged me, and supported me.  Miss them all.


My California blondie, Sav.



My friend Cooper and I before saying goodbye. Thanks for making me laugh, Cooper!

All in all, Summit was amazing. Such an encouragement to me in living out my faith passionately and I was able to meet so many awesome friends!

Thankful for the opportunity and ready for next year.

What about you?  Have you ever gone to something like Summit?

Comment below and let me know!

– Bethany <3