Strollers,Vitamin D, and Good Reports  (Friday Favorites 9/16)

We’ve made it to Friday and I’ve made it to my second full day without Landon home. Let’s just say, I feel like I’m winning at life. Sure, the kitchen isn’t cleaned as quickly and as early as it normally is and my breakfast is eaten a lot later than normal, but I’m loving our new normal. 

And since it’s Friday (Friyay!) and my second full day on my own, we are celebrating with my favorites from the week! 

Fall Breakfasts

I normally have a protein smoothie for breakfast every.single.morning, but yesterday, a warm bowl of oatmeal sounded delicious. And that’s just what I had. 

Oats > 1/2 large banana, chia seeds, stevia, and almond butter. I love adding almond butter or peanut butter to my oatmeal and then letting it melt into a pool of creamy deliciousness. Try it out and thank me later. 😉 

Our New Stroller 

Yesterday, our stroller came in the mail!! After reading high reviews, we purchased a BOB Sport Utility stroller. From what I’ve read, it is perfect for runners and thanks to premium suspension, it is great on all different kinds of terrain.  I can’t wait to take Benaiah on lots of runs and walks. 

Benaiah’s Two Week Appointment 

Yesterday, Benaiah had his second pediatrician appointment and it went really well! I was wondering how much weight he gained and I was surprised to find out he gained 13 oz. in one week! I was so glad to find out that we were doing something right 😉 

Vitamin D 

It is amazing how a little vitamin D  can make you feel 157% better! Benaiah and I walked to take Landon lunch yesterday and we both loved the sunshine. After quite a few days spent inside, it felt amazing to get outdoors. I’ve missed my morning runs, but now that we have our stroller, I’m looking forward to taking walks together until I’m cleared to run. 

Favorites from around the Web 

  1. Julie shared a recipe for chocolate peanut butter fudge and I’m just waiting for my chance to make it. 
  2. I love granola bars, especially when they are homemade. Thanks for the recipe, Amanda! 
  3. Helpful parenting advice for newborn sleep schedule! Thank goodness for the Internet.

And that’s a wrap! I hope you have a fantastic Friday planned. Run and sleep for me 😉 

Questions of the Day 

  1. Are you a sun lover? What is your favorite season? 
  2. Do you have a stroller? What kind/brand do you have? 
  3. Favorite warm breakfast?