Southern Foot Wear, Getting Ready for D-Day, and Sweaty Mornings (TOL #42) 

How do the weeks keep slipping past me so quickly? I guess I shouldn’t complain, since I’m counting down the days until baby T’s arrival! But seriously, didn’t I just share my random thoughts with you all? 

Thanks to Amanda, I am kicking off this Thursday morning with a TOL post and a giant mug of coffee…it is definitely needed this morning. 

(Confused? Check out the details here.) 

1. With each passing day, I am feeling more and more prepared for baby T to come. The past few days, I’ve washed all baby T’s clothes, sheets, blankets, and swaddles. I also spent time packing my hospital bag (need a few finishing touches) and baby T’s diaper bag. Safe to say, the nesting phase is going strong and I’m feeling like a super woman. 

Oh and we also picked out our pediatrician! I feel like such an adult. 😉 

2. Something I did not plan well? Using the oven when it is a million (slight exaggeration…) degrees outside. Not my smartest move of the week. Although the kitchen ended up being hot when it was all said and done, it was definitely worth it. These veggies tasted amazing! (Recipe to come!) 

3. Speaking of amazing? Chacos!! When I visited/lived in Tennessee (okay, for two weeks) two years ago, these shoes were all over the place.  I now know why. These shoes are amazingly comfortable. Love, love, love. Thanks Savannah!!

4. Not so amazing? Charissa and I no longer share the common factor that we both have abs. Just wait a couple months girlfriend, I’ll be back. 😉 

Of course, we had to take this Pinterest inspired picture at my shower last week. 

And another one for good measure 🙂 

5. Speaking of measuring, I totally should have measured this pepper that came from my in-laws garden! It was huge. I told you all my father-in-law had a green thumb. 

6. Garden produce = giant salads. Taco salads to be exact. Yessssss. 

7. Another score in the food front? Greek yogurt + stevia + strawberries + Cherrios. Amazing. 

8. On the topic of amazing, THIS movie looks fantastic! Have you guys seen the trailer already? I’m convinced that this will be our first  date night out after baby T comes. 🙂 of course, I’ll need some baby sitters….family- I’m looking at you!

9. Something else that is making me happy? The joy of running/endorphins/starting off the morning covered in sweat. Running is magical, even if it is a slow, two miles. I’ll take it. 

That’s all for now you lovely humans! I hope your Thursday is off to a great start. Let’s catch up later today over coffee and a new recipe, okay? 

Questions of the Day 

  1. Random Thursday thoughts? Share them all! 
  2. What are your favorite morning routines? 
  3. Anyone else wear Chacos?!