Soul Refreshing Mom Dates + I Like to Take Pictures with My Salad (TOL #64)


Good morning to you all on this beautiful Thursday! I hope this post finds you healthy and ready for a fun, upcoming weekend! I don’t exactly know what we have planned this weekend, but I know I will squeeze in a run and some good food. Because that’s what the weekends are meant for, right?

As tradition, I’ll be sharing my typical TOL post today. (Confused, find more info here.) Also, thank you Amanda for hosting today!

Protein Oatmeal

A few days ago, I made this delicious oatmeal for Landon and almost ate it before sending it to work with him > that’s how good this smelled/tasted. If you have a few extra minutes in the morning, make sure to whip yourself up some protein oatmeal topped with melty peanut butter (or almond butter) and thank me later.


This little boy never ceasing to make me smile, he has recently started to give us some big belly laughs which I absolutely adore. I wish I could freeze time and slow these days down. As much as I can’t wait to watch him start crawling, eating solid food, etc. I know I will wish these days back. So, while he still wants to snuggle in mama’s arms, you’ll find me leaping at each chance I have. Okay, emotional mom convo done.


Speaking of mom conversations, my friend Natalie and I got together yesterday and man, it was refreshing. You know those friends who are absolutely refreshing to the soul? That’s Natalie for you. She has a little guy who is two days older than Niah and we love to sit and chat for hours about mom stuff, our boys, Jesus, and all the crazy hormones that happens postpartum. Thanks Natalie for the conversation, homemade granola bars, and uplifting time. (And yes, I forgot to take a picture of our time together, you’re welcome for the typical coffee picture.)


Hi, I’m Bethany and I like to take pictures with my salad.

DSC_2596In case anyone was wondering, this is what a selfie with a normal camera + a baby on your hip looks like.


Miraculously, some of my adorable Joanna Gaines inspired plants are still living. Key word- “most.” Green thumb experts, please send your advice.

Now it’s your turn! Share your random thoughts and fill me in on your life! I want all the details 😉

Questions of the Day 

  1. Do you have a green thumb? If so, any keep-your-plants-alive advice?
  2. What was the last soul refreshing thing you’ve done?
  3. Name something random that’s been on your mind lately!